Update 2021: Please note I have now moved to Doune and am building a new website - coming soon.

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Sheena Laurie is a Scottish luthier specialising in the creation and restoration of 'cello, viola and violin.

I began studying the design and construction of musical instruments at Anniesland College, Scotland, in 2001. I continued my studies at the Newark School of Violin Making. On graduating I chose to work at Ealing Strings, a well-known London firm with decades of knowledge and experience. I spent several years in the shop, specialising in restoration, instrument set ups and bow rehairing.

The opportunity to work and live with a maker in Italy arose; William Kelday and I had a fabulous and constructive year in Capestrano, Abruzzo.

Bill and I returned to Scotland to work together under the banner of "The Fiddle and Guitar Shop" (in homage to his days working with the late Neil Baird) in Fintry, Stirlingshire. We are located 20 miles from Glasgow city centre and just over 15 miles from Stirling.

As well as my own new instruments, I often have older or student instruments available for purchase.

Accessibilty:We realise that the location of the workshop and the lack of public transport makes it difficult for many to visit us. If you are interested in trying our instruments we are now able to bring them to you to try in your home for just the cost of the fuel. It is important that you find the instrument that is right for you, so we are happy to arrange a no obligation trial period with you. This gives you a chance to relax with and get to know the instrument and also seek the opinion of teachers and fellow players.

Please email me for any information you require: sheenalaurie@gmail.com